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Professionals experience integration in Turkey
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Calling for Intercultural Dialogue implies the existence of problematic differences and divides. The European situation is complex, and must be explored in order to grasp its context, components and mechanism. Such dialogue brings together identities grounded both in a culture and in the multicultural reality. Cultural differences often give rise to attitudes that impede genuine dialogue, prompting the protagonists to turn their backs on one another or reinforcing their mutual suspicion. By means of campaigns the education system is being asked to help establish such dialogue.

“Professionals Experience Integration in Turkey” is like what Francois Duychaert mentioned “To image something similar to oneself in a person of a different culture and to imagine something dissimilar in a person of the same culture”. Nearly nine centuries ago, in 1138, Al Idrissi the Arab geographer and writer arrived at the cosmopolitan Court of Norman King Roger the Second of Sicily in Palermo. Al Idrissi studied in Cordoba, travelled through most of the known world and wrote for the Norman King the most Comprehensive work on world geography of that time that became known as “The book of Roger”.

In this work Al Idrissi brought together Greek wisdom, his own culture and his Observations in the field. His life and work are perfect illustration of the openness, generosity and intellectual curiosity that should shape our minds today.
I invite you all to become Al Idrissi of European Cultural dialogue and to begin redrawing the geography of the human race without being afraid of changes. This project “Professionals Experience Integration in Turkey” Is a good and concrete example to be taken into consideration.
Noureddine Erradi


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