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Society and Policy

The 1970s:

- The arrival of “guest-workers" in The Netherlands
- No clear-cut immigrant policy
- Dutch language courses by volunteers

The 1980s:
- Economic recession, mass redundancies
- Late 1980s: migrants keep coming to The Netherlands
- Emphasis on multiculturalism, legal equality and economic equality of opportunity, own identity in own community
- SDL courses by welfare organizations

The 1990s:
- Immigrants keep arriving, low participation levels ,the labour market, low education level
- A policy shift towards integration, independence and self reliance
- Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy urges government to implement citizenship courses
- 1998 Newcomers integration Act, citizenship courses for Newcomers (WIN)

- Pim Fortuyn
- The “ immigrant issue”becomes a major election issue, manifests itself in social debates
- Taskforce for integration
- Arrangements for old comers
- A new Integration Act by Minister Verdonk of Alien Affairs and Integration
- Emphasis on own responsibility. Language AND norms & values

Key players
- Central Government ( financing, guidelines)
- Municipalities ( implementation & coordination)
- ROCs (newcomers) any provider (old comers)
- Providers citizenship courses

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